Home of the "Original" Ebor Park and Lister Hut which now sits on Whiskin Field.
Accomodation and 1st Aid
See Jane ...See Jane's Hat ... Jane's Hat means she's on Committee
That means Brant is a working Contingent and gets in early. 
... and that means that our "first meal" is at Andy's 
in Acton because we don't do Thursdays.
Steve and Barb Power Up with "Energy" food
Dena is a Prairie Flower
.. or is this her "salute"?
On Duty -- Guarding the Lodge
Some "strange" Visitors
Craig, Dave, Dena, and Gerry
Chris, Steve and Barb
Dena and Kim at Scouts Own
Steve and "Newbie" Kim
Frank and Marie-Ann
Newbies Sandy and Kim
Steve and Tonya
Practice makes perfect.  Hand must touch the head - Keep Flowering Dena
Frank (standing), Dena, MarieAnn, Ginny, Dave and Steve at Opening 
Course Mates  - Kim, Richelle (visitor) and Sandy
Peter and Newbie Larry
Barb keeps the Contingent well fed
Dave gets his necker and parchment
Allan, Tim, Al and Dave
MedVent, Jane and AJ (Whitby -Control)
Chris, Sandy, MarieAnn, Kim and Steve
Dan, Deb, Barb, Earl, Peter, Ginny, Dena and Jane
Larry, Gerry, Sandy, Allan and Tim
Steve, Dave and Gerry
Sandy, Greg (S.Waterloo) and Kim
Back (L-R) Gerry, Dena, Ginny, Ed, Dave, Larry, Dennis,                   Steve, Peter, Dan, Allan, Emily and Al
Centre - Frank, Earl, Tonya, Kim, Chris, Chris, Barb,                      MarieAnn, Bill, Sandy and Deb.
Front - Jane and Tim          Absent -Leanne
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